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Airgrow Exporters is one of the Leading Manufactures and exporters of Coir Paith blocks from Sri Lanka.
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sri lanka coco peat, cocos plus coco disk A high quality potting soil made form coco fibre. Due to special production methods and treatment the soil is free from harmful salts. For the best results we have added fertilizers and trace elements. Can be used for almost every type of plant

Airgrow Exports

image 4Airgrow Exports began in 2008 as a manufacturer and exporter of Coco peat products. Utilizing the best manufacturing facilities, Airgrow Exports provides a consistent quality in all their products.
Our primary aim is to provide premium quality products to global customers with their specified requirements. Our factory is situated in Madampe, Sri Lanka.
We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting of Coco peat (Coir) products. Our Cocopeat product meets international standard. We are manufacturing Cocopeat 5 kg blocks, Cocopeat 650 gm briquettes, Cocopeat husk mixed 5 kg blocks and Cocopeat grow bags slab.

Our products are exported to various countries including Australia, Japan, Iran, Germany, Spain, Korea, Netherlands and USA.

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